Jeremy Harris

United States Marine Corps 2001-05

Building Manager/Wireless Communications Device Coordinator, Orange County Health Care Agency
Union: Orange County Employees Association

Jeremy Harris, Building Manager/Wireless Communications Device Coordinator for the Orange County Health Care Agency, did two tours overseas in his four years with the Marines. During his first tour in 2003 he fought in Iraq and was part of the effort to rescue Private Jessica Lynch. During his second tour in 2004, he was part of the unit that first responded to the Indonesian tsunami.

On Public service/armed service: “One of the first things that’s instilled in you from the beginning in boot camp is that there’s no individualism. It’s always a team effort. You do the work for the person to the left and the right of you—not for yourself. In that way, we find honor in what we do. Coming here and working for the County, it’s similar to that. I don’t do this for the paycheck. I stick through it and do it for my fellow employees, my staff and those that we are supporting. I think the work of the Health Care Agency is more necessary today than it would be 20 or 30 years ago. Because of the nature of Orange County, there’s a huge disconnect between the idea of Orange County and that everyone can take care of their own, and the reality of the fact that in Orange County there are really people who need the services we provide because there is no other alternative.”