Veterans Day Voices: Doug Mangione, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

In looking back 46-years ago when I landed in Vietnam, I get a bitter-sweet feeling. In 1969-70, we were losing an average of 200+ lives a week. When I think of all that I have experienced since that time with my family and life in general, I always remember those who will never have those moments, who will always be as they were when they shipped out. Their families are left only with memories and thoughts about what might have been.

A lot has been said about whether we should or shouldn’t have gone there and whether it was worth it or not. I would like folks to remember that we all thought that what we did was the right thing for America at that time. We should learn from our experiences, but that should not diminish the courage shown and the sacrifices made by those Americans in that faraway conflict that began 50-years ago.

Doug Mangione USMC
IBEW 441