Veterans, union members to walk in support of L.A.‘s homeless heroes

“I wanted to know first-hand how veterans are treated after returning from military service. So, I checked myself into a homeless shelter and experienced the diservice we give to those that serve and risk their lives for our country,” said Ricardo Reyes (pictured above), a Marine and veteran of both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Today, Ricardo works as a Veterans Employment Coordinator, through a joint partnership with the United Way and the Los Angeles Labor Fedederation's Labor Community Services, to bring veterans out of homelessness and into good, union careers. Every day, 40,000 people are homeless in L.A. County, including thousands of women, children and military veterans who sleep on streets each night. We can change that.

Join Ricardo and the L.A. Labor Movement to end homelessness in L.A. during United Way’s annual 5K Home Walk Saturday, Nov. 15.

Team Homeless Heroes is free to union members, veterans and their family members.

To sign up or more information, contact Margarita Chavez at 213-985-1987 or